Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why I Want to Start a Travel Blog

There seems to be two type of women in their mid 20s:
1. Married with kids or planning to start a family in the near future
2. Single and searching for something, like adventure, a relationship, yourself, etc.
I don't belong to either of these groups exclusively but find myself somewhere in the middle.

I am 25 years old and I found the love of my life at 16. I honestly would not have it any other way. We have nearly been married for 2 years and we constantly dodge "baby" questions from friends and family. I am sure there are other couples who experience this same thing but they seem to be a minority. Although I am not single, I still am searching. I am searching for adventure and myself. I truly believe that we are ever changing and we are always looking to "find" ourselves.  I feel that I am most "myself" when I experience something new.

This leaves me in between married with kids and single and searching. I'm married but still searching. Which leads me to why I would like to start a travel blog.

Something Different 
Most blogs that are written by women in their mid 20s will be far different than mine. Many of those women are single and off traveling the world by themselves. They share wonderful experiences of quitting their jobs and leaving it all behind to travel the world. While these women are brave and live seriously amazing lives, that's not me. I value having a steady job that will offer me security but I still have that wanderlust.

For Me 
Even if no one else ever reads my blog that is perfectly fine with me. I would love to share my experiences with anyone that will listen but truly this is for me. By writing and sharing pictures about my breathtaking adventures, I will be able to relive these wonderful memories for many years to come.

Help Others Plan
Planning an adventure is hard, especially if it is not a common place. Some of the more remote locations we have been to did not offer much information before hand. Some of theses trips could have gone a lot smoother if I had tips and advice before hand.

Grant and Laura biking the Katy Trail (2015)


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