Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Weekend in Austin, Texas

A weekend is not a lot of time to explore a city like Austin, Texas. We were able to see some really great parts of the city and enjoy some amazing views with our short amount of time though. Luckily we have a friend that lives in Austin, so our trip was relatively inexpensive and we had a great tour guide.

What to Eat
Food in Austin, especially Tex-Mex is amazing. These were some of our favorites.

Taco lovers listen up! Torchys is a chain taco restaurant located in Austin. The food is great and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend checking it out, it's my husbands favorite.

Shrimp taco from Torchys 

Maria's Taco Xpress
This quirky restaurant also had great food. My breakfast taco was massive and absolutely amazing. Again prices were very reasonable.


What to Do
There is so much to do in a city like Austin. With limited time, making sure to pick out a couple of things to do is important. There will not be time to see everything so it's important to narrow it down. Here are some of my favorite things we did!

Hamilton Pool Preserve 
Hamilton Pool Preserve was my favorite activity from our trip. Read all about our adventure hiking here.

Graffiti Park at Castle Hills
Graffiti Park is a rare place that allows anyone to graffiti the foundation of an old building. Due to this, the art there is ever changing and always has something new. It is located at 1100 Baylor St in Austin. If you plan to get out and climb up to get a closer look, tennis shoes would be a good idea. 

Graffiti Park
Sixth Street
We went during SXSW and sixth street was crazy busy. I was not a fan of how busy it was later at night and was also not impressed with how much trash was on the ground. However, I did highly enjoy when we went during the day and were further west on sixth street. We went to Steampunk Saloon and had a really good time. They had arcade games, yard jenga, and connect four. We really enjoyed playing the games and hanging out on the patio. They also had great mimosas! 

The Capitol 
Although we only had time to walk by the capitol I would highly recommend seeing it. It is a beautiful capitol building and I was glad we were able to see it with our limited time. 

The Oasis 
The Oasis is a restaurant on Lake Travis. I did not put this as a place to eat because we only ate chips and salsa here. The wait time to eat was ridiculous. We decided to wait because the view was so gorgeous, but we never ended up getting service. So we left after eating chips and salsa, drinking some margaritas, and watching the sun set over Lake Travis. Watching the sunset was beautiful but I would not suggest eating here. 

Sunset on Lake Travis

Austin was a wonderful city with a lot of active people. I am excited to go back and see what else I can discover! 

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