Thursday, March 10, 2016

An Oklahma Adventure: Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State Park was the perfect morning adventure on our way to Arkansas. The park features a breathtaking 77 foot waterfall and amazing hiking trails. We went in late May, so the weather was gorgeous and everything was so green! The area was getting a lot of rain so the waterfall was also very impressive.

About the Park
The main highlight to the park was the 77 foot waterfall but there was a lot more to Natural Falls State park than to be expected. The trails were really pretty good and offered a variety of views. Although Grant and I only hiked, the park also had camping, disc golf, and a variety of other fun activities. 
Fee: $5 for a car day pass

What to bring
A pair of good tennis shoes and a camera is all you will need for these trails. If it is hot or you plan to do all 4.5 miles of trails at the park, water might be needed as well. The trails are not too difficult and would be great for beginners. 

Our Trip
We spent the morning at National Falls State Park and were very impressed. The park was well maintained, including the trails. The waterfall was beautiful and completely worth the $5 and the stop. I would highly recommend visiting. 
Waterfall from the bottom of the trail

Waterfall from the top of the trail

Grant and Laura hiking to the waterfall 

Wildflower along the trail

Cliff along one of the trails 

The pictures really speak for themselves on how beautiful a place Natural Falls State Park truly is. We had a wonderful morning hiking the trails and taking in the breathtaking views. 

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