Thursday, March 24, 2016

Biking and Hiking Kanopolis State Park

Kanopolis State Park is located in central Kansas. The park offers great fishing, camping, and a variety of  trails. It it the perfect location for a day trip or a weekend camping trip. We went to check out the hiking and biking trails on a day trip.

Biking the Trails
At Kanopolis there are trails for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The trails are well marked for what each one is intended for. Kanopolis is a great spot for beginner trail biking. This was my first experience biking on a trail and although it wasn't always easy I felt comfortable. My husband is far more experienced at biking and thought the biking trails were easy and too short. Some parts of the trails are extremely sandy because they are mainly intended for horseback riding. These parts are not good for riding. We had to get off our bikes and walk a few times because the sand was so bad.

Hiking the Trails
We enjoyed doing some hiking at Kanopolis as well. The majority of our time was spent on biking but we did get the opportunity to hike. We saw a lot of wild flower, a horny toad, and a small cave. Overall, the hike was very scenic. The trail was overgrown in a few parts, therefore; longer pants would probably be a good idea.

Overlooking Kanopolis State Park

Biking the trails

Make sure to visit Mushroom Rock State Park while you are in the area! It is just a short distance away and is well worth the stop! Read more about Mushroom Rock State Park here.

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