Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hamilton Pool near Austin, TX

About Hamilton Pool Preserve
Hamilton pool features a 45 foot waterfall that creates an extraordinary swimming hole. The preserve is located 30 miles west of Austin, TX. The trail down to the waterfall is about .25 miles and does have some elevation change. For experienced hikers the trail is not difficult but for beginners it could be a bit of a challenge. There is also an additional trail that goes the opposite direction that is about .6 miles one way. I would highly recommend hiking the river trail.

Swimming is allowed at the pool if the bacteria levels are safe. To check if the pool is open for swimming call 512-264-2740 before you go.

Hours: 9:30 am- 5:30 pm

Fee: $15
Pets are not allowed
For direction go here.

Hamilton Pool

When to go
To avoid having to wait in line (the parking lot only has 75 spaces) going earlier in the day is beneficial. We went in the early afternoon and were one of the last cars they let wait in line before they started turning cars away. We had to wait in line for about 40 minutes. We also went on a Saturday, during spring break, so there were a lot of people at the preserve.  

What to Bring
Water is highly recommended, especially if you go during the summer. I would also highly recommend wearing tennis shoes. I saw a lot of people in flip flops and sandals that looked like they were struggling with the terrain. A camera is another must for this breathtaking view! If the pool is open, a swim suit would also be a must! We went when the pool was closed but I would love to go back and swim!

Do the Whole Trail

A lot of people only went to the waterfall and they missed out! The trail along the river is just as beautiful as the waterfall and pool. Don't miss out on this part of the preserve!
Along the river trail

The water was so clear! Can you find the fish?

Grant and Laura along the river trail

Hamilton Pool was well worth the 30 mile drive and the 40 minute wait! I was so glad that they let us in since we drove all the way out there. The waterfall and river trail was really neat. My only complaint was how busy the preserve was. We went on a Saturday, during spring break, during SXSW (music festival in Austin). If we go again to swim, I will definitely try to get there earlier and if possible go during the week, not the weekend.

Grant and Laura at Hamilton Pool

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