Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mushroom Rock State Park

Mushroom Rock State Park was the first day trip Grant and I took after our honeymoon. We took this trip Summer 2014 and did not think about the quality of photos (a travel blog was not on my radar at this point). My plan is to go back soon so that I will have better photos to show but I still want to share this awesome state park before we get the chance to go again.

Laura and Grant at Mushroom State Park 

Mushroom Rock State Park is located in central Kansas and is also near Kanopolis State Park. The park itself is not very big and does not offer much hiking.  The main attraction is the rock formations that resemble mushrooms. These formation were created because the underlying rock is a softer sandstone that has eroded quicker than the harder rock above. Mushroom Rock State Park is an extremely neat place to visit and although its not very big, I wouldn't pass it up!

Mushroom Rock

Me "holding" the rock

It always truly amazes me what mother nature has in store for us! This is one of those places that isn't very well known. Mushroom Rock State Park is literally in a cow pasture but it is truly awe inspiring to see.

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