Saturday, April 9, 2016

Oklahoma Aquarium

I love aquariums. I was super excited when I first found out there was an aquarium in Tulsa. Grant and I have been twice and enjoyed it both times.

Oklahoma Aquarium is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The aquarium is quite large and I was pleasantly surprised to find an aquarium this nice in Tulsa. They have a variety of different exhibits with both salt water and fresh water fish. There are interactive exhibits as well as times they feed the animals for people to watch. They also have a tunnel that sharks swim around and above. It is really neat and probably one of my favorite parts!

Prices (as of spring 2016):
Adults: $15.95
Children: $11.95
Senior (62+) and Military: $13.95

Red Eared Sliders 

Cowfish is always a favorite

Our Experiences
The first time we went I absolutely loved it! (again I love aquariums) That time we took a quick weekend trip to Tulsa with our main goal to go to the aquarium. We went a few years later just passing through Tulsa and not much had changed. We still enjoyed it but did not spend as much time there as the first time because we remembered that majority of it. We were hoping they might have something new but we did not notice anything different from out first experience. Both times the aquarium was not overly busy, which was nice. I would highly recommend going at least once. It is really neat and something that I did not expect to find so close to home. Making a special trip for another visit would not be on my to do list but if I am ever passing through Tulsa I would not be surprised if I go check it out again.
Laura and Grant outside the aquarium 2015

Laura in the shark diving cage



Our first trip 2011

We love aquariums! Been to Oklahoma Aquarium? Tell us about it below!

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