Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roman Nose State Park

Roman Nose State Park has been one of my favorite Oklahoma State Parks so far! The park had so much to offer and we had a blast hiking.

Roman Nose State Park is located in the northwest region of the state. The park offers an 18 hole golf course, hiking trails, natural springs, canoeing, fishing, horse back riding, mountain biking, paddle boats, and swimming pools. There is so much to do at this park, it would be easy to spend a long weekend there or visit multiple times. For more information about the park and pricing go to travelok.com.

Lake Watonga 

Roman Nose has a beautiful lodge with 22 rooms available. There are also 11 cabins on site that guests can stay in as well. To get a taste of the outdoors, there are also a variety of camp sites available throughout the park. We stayed in a cabin since the lodge had no vacancy. Although the exterior is nothing to boast about, we found the interior to be extremely cozy and offered a warm, comfortable bed. In the warmer months we would have definitely camped but we decided to brave the cool spring night with a cabin instead.  The lodge also has a restaurant that we ate both dinner and breakfast at. The food was satisfying and the scenery from the patio even better!

View from Inspiration Point while hiking at Roman Nose

Natural Springs
Roman Nose park has three natural springs. This part of the park feels like its own separate park. We really admired the views that came with the natural springs. To read more about our adventure around the natural springs click here.

The medium spring

The large spring

Run- off from the medium spring

The Hiking
The hiking at Roman Nose was marvelous! We spent all of our time, besides eating and sleeping, at Roman Nose exploring the trails. To read more about our hiking experience click here.

Along the trail around Lake Watonga

We only experienced a fraction of what Roman Nose has to offer. We will definitely  be back to visit and explore more of this unique state park!

3 out of 34 Oklahoma State Parks! Been to an Oklahoma State Park? Tell us below!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hiking Roman Nose State Park

Roman Nose State Park has a variety of trails for hiking, biking, and horse back riding. During our time at the park we only experienced the trails by hiking them and really enjoyed it.

About the Trails
The trails at Roman Nose State Park were a pleasant surprise. We were amazed by the different types of plants and terrain we went through on our adventure. One moment we would be hiking through cactus, with very little vegetation, then a moment later we were surrounded by green, with trees and foliage all around. We often felt like we switched state parks completely throughout our hike. The trails were very well maintained and were not difficult.

Hiking around Lake Watonga

Trials at the Springs
The trails at the natural springs offered many breathtaking views. This part the of park truly felt completely separate from the rest of the park. It was like we got to see two state parks for one! To read more about the natural springs click here.

Creek from one of the natural springs

The medium spring at Roman Nose State Park

Trails Around the Lake
As stated before, the trails around Lake Boecher and Lake Watonga felt like a completely different park. Although we had a map, we still accidentally took a turn too early and ended up doing more than originally planned but it worked out really well. By doing so, we hiked longer and made it to the top of the canyon. Whereas if we would have gone the shorter route, we would have missed out on some stellar views from Inspiration Point.

Lake Watonga

Hike up the canyon

View from Inspiration Point

Another view from Inspiration Point

Hiking along Lake Watonga

Where Lake Boecher filters into Lake Watonga, which makes Lake Watonga clearer

Watch Out! 
While hiking around the lakes Grant and I ran into a few things to watch out for!

Watch out for rattlesnakes! 
I had never seen a rattlesnake in the wild until this trip at Roman Nose and we saw two! Neither were aggressive or caused us any harm. The first rattlesnake pictured actually rattled so that Grant would not step on it! We kept our distance after that and made sure to keep our eyes out for others. We ended up spotting one more while hiking on top of the canyon.

The rattlesnake Grant almost stepped on!

Another rattlesnake we saw sunning itself

Watch out for cactus! 
After talking about rattlesnakes, I'm sure cactus seem like nothing but be warned getting pricked by one of these would be no fun!

Cactus along the trail

Overall, we really enjoyed our hiking adventure at Roman Nose State Park! Although the rattlesnakes were a bit scary, I would go back to Roman Nose to explore in a heartbeat.

Have you been hiking at Roman Nose State Park? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Natural Springs at Roman Nose State Park

Roman Nose State Park boasts three natural springs and a system of trails to view the three springs. Grant and I spent the early afternoon exploring the trails around the three springs.

Grant and Laura along one of the hiking trails

Of the three natural springs at Roman Nose State Park there is a small, medium, and large one. All three were impressive to see. There is also a spring fed swimming pool that can be used during the summer months. We went in April; therefore, the pool was not quite open. This section of the park also has a great picnic area as well as a playground. It honestly seems like its own separate state park from Roman Nose because it has so much to do right in that section.
Fee: There is no fee for the hiking trails but there is one for the pool

Water coming from the medium natural spring

The Trails
The trails to the springs were easily accessible and well maintained. There were multiple trails that branched off the main trails to the natural springs. So, we were able to hike for a couple of hours and still not venture to all of the trails.We did have to turn around once when the grass got too tall and covered the trail but the majority of the trails were really well maintained. The trails were not marked and at the time we did not have a map. Therefore, it is important to be observant if venturing off on one of the many smaller trails. Overall, we enjoyed hiking and seeing the natural springs.

Laura and Grant at the large natural spring

Small Spring
The smallest spring was the first one that we encountered and I was amazed by it. It is fascinating that water is just springing out of the ground. This truly is the smallest one and does not have a whole lot of water coming from it but I was still impressed, especially since it was the first one I saw.

Water from the smallest spring slowly making its way down 

Medium Spring
We saw the medium spring second and I was sure that it was the larger one. This spring they kind of dammed up so that it made a small body of water. This made it appear to be the large one but I was mistaken. It was very pretty though.

The medium natural spring

Grant next to the medium natural spring

Where they dammed up the spring

Water from the spring further down the trail

Large Spring
The large spring is truly impressive. I could not believe how much water was coming out of the ground. It looks like a waterfall in a cave, except there is not a river at the top. The water is coming out of the ground. They call this spring the "Spring of Everlasting Waters". The spring flows at approximately 600 gallons per minute. It is truly a sight to see!

This picture shows the water flowing out of the spring the best, it looks like a waterfall

The largest natural spring

Grant near the largest natural spring at Roman Nose

The Natural Springs at Roman Nose State Park were truly a breathtaking sight! The three springs were all unique and interesting to look at. It amazes me how these springs were formed and continue to provide water to the surface of Earth.