Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exploring Alabaster Caverns

I would like to start off by apologizing for my lack of photos for this amazing state park. Alabaster Caverns does not allow photography in the cave for regular tours. They do tours by reservation that allow photography but we did not realize this until we were already there. Therefore, I do not have any pictures of the caverns but to see some stunning pictures go to travelok.com.

Alabaster Caverns State Park is located in northwest Oklahoma, almost to the pan handle. The park boasts the largest natural gypsum cavern, open to the public, in the world. To see the caverns, there are daily guided tours that last about 45 minutes. To purchase tickets for a tour, go to the gift shop.

As well as the caverns, the park has 11 RV sites and 12 tent sites available. There are also hiking trails, picnic shelters, and a volleyball court. Another awesome experience that is available at the park is wild caving, otherwise known at spelunking.

Overlooking the canyon

What to Expect
The tour follows a 3/4 mile lit path through the caverns. At a point in the tour all the lights will be turned off to experience total darkness, which is a strange experience. The cave will be cool and damp. So, be careful the ground is slippery! Expect to hear and see a couple species of bats. We also saw a salamander.

Great views from the trail

Our Experience
The caverns were really neat but we were slightly disappointed with our experience at first. This may be naive of us but we did not realize that to see the caverns we would have to go on a guided tour. We were pretty bummed about that but it turned out to be really informative to have a tour guide. Overall, we really enjoyed exploring the caverns.

Hiking was an added bonus to the caverns but I would not recommend coming to the park to only hike. Most of the trails were overgrown with tall grass, so long pants are a necessity. We did not explore the trails extensively but we hiked for about 30 minutes. My favorite part was the small creek along one of the trails.

Creek that ran along the trail

Alabaster Caverns State Park was another state park in Oklahoma that completely surprised us! We are loving exploring all these wonderful parks and cannot wait to hit all 34!

5 out of 34 Oklahoma State Parks! Which one should we go to next? Comment below!


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