Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Camping at Foss State Park

Another Oklahoma State Park? We can't stay away! The parks in Oklahoma have been wonderful so far and so convenient for a quick weekend trip! We will continue to visit and hopefully hit them all eventually!

Foss State Park is located in Western Oklahoma. The park is centered around Foss Lake and offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, disc golf, horseback riding trails, biking, swimming, fishing, and boating. RV and tent sites are available at the park as well. There is even a buffalo herd that can be observed from the visitors center.
Tent site: $12

Near the trail head at sunset

Camping at Foss State Park was a pleasant experience. There were many tent sites (103) to choose from and the facilities were in great condition. Our experience with the parks' staff was also very welcoming.We snagged a camping site right on the water, that had a covered picnic table and a grill. The restrooms were also really close, which is always a huge plus! Watching the sunset and then waking up to a beautiful sunrise was truly breathtaking. Warning: the showers cost money, so be sure to bring quarters!

Our camp site right on Foss Lake



Sunrise right from our tent



Wildflowers near our camp site

The hiking trails were not my favorite. They were overgrown in many parts, so we did not end up hiking very long. I would highly recommend wearing pants, which I did not, if planning to hike at the park. The trail consists of a path that looks to be mowed but was in need of being mowed when we went. I believe the park attracts more people to be out on the lake than to be hiking the trails. Regardless, we did get a few miles in and saw some neat wildflowers and wildlife.

Trail head at sunset

Wildflower along the trail

Morning dew

The trail

Another wildflower along the trail

Buffalo Herd
Foss State Park has a buffalo herd that can be observed from the visitors center. The buffalo were near the look out in the morning before we left the park. There is a fence that separates visitors from the buffalo.

Looking out across the field

The herd

Another Oklahoma State Park in the books! Although the hiking was not terribly awesome, camping was an excellent experience. Looking forward to the next Oklahoma State Park, until next time!

6 out of 34 Oklahoma State Parks! Which Oklahoma State Park is your favorite? Comment below!

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